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RooJack's Baseball Theme

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

RooJack Studios has been working diligently late Winter and early Spring on its Synergies for the 3 projects striven for the UAE. This has been a 3 year ordeal and the light is FINALLY gleaming at the end of the tunnel for the studio's next chapter. A major delay was obviously the pandemic. Another was the supply chain issue etc.

It feels good to know most of the elements for these 3 projects are in order. It has been one hell of a roller coaster ride. Especially dealing with some of the people that caused some SERIOUS head scratching and bewilderment along the way. Like anything else "Life Happens" and you need to soldier on. At least now, I know what "DOG PELLETS" are and don't be surprised watching the simplest of instructions take a rat screw or "entitlement" is attempted to be a contributed hiring factor. Since when does a job include a "RIDER"? What I've learned is that list endless and merely counter-productive and can easily be ignored. You just make them "walk the plank" and sail on.

With that... RooJack is sailing on as usual and there will be some major additions to the home site (this site) this Spring and Summer, along with the launching of Old Salt Brand's and Rooster Coffee Company's websites this Fall. Plenty of "busy" to accomplish.

The decision to place the markets in hiatus was a doozie, but worth it so we can focus on the 3 projects and get a better grasp of balancing the logistics and fine tuning our POS strategy since we will soon be "International" (let alone MilSpec related) . Speaking with some of the affiliates we deal with, that "hiatus" seems to be the pattern until the supply chain stupidity dust settles. Personally, I feel that SCREAMS "hidden agenda" on the political stage, but why dwell. Unfortunately, one of the supplier's is back dated like crazy due to a fire last month. Again, prayers to the staff and their families and I hope they can dust that off and get back at it soon. So RooJack is in the "Skeletal" marketing business until the Fall.

Enter the baseball theme. We wanted something different and "rooted" from Cleveland for the site before we go to the UAE. This studio is "technically" a faint echo and derivative of BASEBALL CARDS when I was a kid. My buddies and I actually had our own "Baseball card shops" in school. Mine was the Batter's Box. So one guy was strictly in the market of Don Mattingly. Another was the GOD of ALL things collective (which made eyes roll constantly). Me? I was into the Boston Red Sox and my personal Detroit Tigers collection with my Grandpa. Wade Boggs was the first card I ever received from my Dad. 250 cards later, "Wade Boggs Collection" complete and lost. The collection was stolen while I was out to sea. Currently making a collection for my daughter who LOVES baseball. Imagine that.

I spoke with an old old friend who STILL thrives on the memories of trading baseball cards when we were kids. He's still OCD over his Ellis Burks Rookie card from back in the day, but ironically he's one of the 5 officers we're scouting to be part of our RooJack team. Right now he's toe dipping. It's SO much like networking and scouting new suppliers, artists, staff etc. Everyone wants their "All-stars". Just like Tito Francona scouting his team during the transition from the Indians to the Guardians and rebuilding his team he had 5-6 years ago. Unfortunately, it's time to turn the page on which team I'm going to root for. I have my own team now. I'll always be die hard for "My 3" (Cleveland, Boston and Detroit). Unfortunately, sports has become way to political and there's no time seeing people half my age hit a ball with a stick and make 1/3 of a billion doing it. There's SO much more to life. Who knows, there may be a RooJack staff team. I gotta drop 50 pounds first. Damn you Antonio's Pizza and your yummy goodness! (Roo waiving fist in air)

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