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RooJack and Rambo....Bikes

We've been pretty busy so far this Summer gathering our minions for our projects in the Middle East. With other partners, services and suppliers IN the UAE? It makes it even smoother to transition to the UAE in the near future.

Two of the new suppliers we've acquired are Rambo E-Bikes based in Minnesnowta and Golly Ms.Molle Gear in Virginia ran by the lovely (and we DO mean lovely) Elizabeth Rudolph. What we are developing is our E-Bike projects for off grid camping and Rooster Coffee Co.'s delivery setup in the UAE. There are a few more side projects involving the US Navy with these two companies of pure bad assery, but that's to be explained another day.

So the tally so far sports fans are 2 E-Bike companies and Golly Ms.Molle developing whatever RooJack's little heart desires.

If you are interested in Senada E-Bikes, Rambo E-Bikes and their subsidiaries or Ms.Molle? Check out their websites below. BTW, Ms.Molle MAY be at the 2022 NAS Oceana Air Show. That is all.

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